Skin18 is a Hongkong based brand providing the best of Korean beauty products at very affordable prices. I recently signed up for their Review program to receive some of their stuff as I’m really intrigued by Korean beauty secrets.

I’m in love with Korean dramas (recent favorite being The Heirs – how cute is Kim Woo Bin?!) and so I’m crazy about anything to do with Korea right now 😀

Speaking of their beauty products, it’s impressive that it’s all about natural ingredients & their packaging is super cute! Skin18’s main focus is promoting healthy skin care habits & providing workable products that make your skin feel & look forever 18. (Hence, the number 18).

Here’s what I received:

  1. Four Seasons Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask


Korean ginseng is a plant based herb that is quite popular in Asia for its healing properties with a blend of natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential oils & enzymes.

The masks I received were serum based mask & super drippy so it’s best to be opened in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Would say the sheets are very fragile as well & could cause tear if not opened super gently.

The Red Ginseng mask is supposed to have a Whitening action. I’m really not sure if that means lightening the skin or brightening. I don’t need any “whitening” but, what I do look for in beauty products is being able to give a glowy skin. I didn’t really feel the mask did that (or I guess you need to use it regularly to be able to see a result? ) & even though the instructions said I do not have to rinse my face after & just massage the leftover serum, I did rinse as the sticky feeling was making me super uncomfortable to hit the bed. It did make my skin soft so that’s a plus.

2. Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Syn-Ake)


After the Red Ginseng, another popular Korean skincare secret is the Syn-Ake (snake) Venom facial masks that has anti-aging properties. It guarantees skin elasticity, firmness, hydration & softness.

It was pretty scary for me to try this at first & I’m not really into crazy experimental skin care, however, I gave this a try & I was surprised at how bright & hydrated my skin felt. I even felt it made my skin plumper! No issue with the serum being sticky this time, so I slept off without rinsing.

3. Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing strip & Lemon Tea Tree Cleasning strip


I am not a fan of pore strips because they never seem to do the job for me and only leaves my nose feeling super dry. If I have a blackheads situation going on (which is very rare to be honest) I’d rather visit the salon for a facial than rely on pore strips. These were no different, except with the charcoal one, my nose felt super smooth to touch. The smell on these strips were too strong for me which made me want to take them off as quickly as possible.

4. It’s Skin Todak Todak Vitalizing Pack (Sleeping Mask) 


This one contains Blueberry & Grape and is supposed to last for 2 uses.  It has a jelly like consistency when you open the pack, but once you start applying it goes on pretty smooth. Not sure how I was supposed to go to sleep with this on though, as it was super greasy on my face (even with a really thin layer). I just washed it off after about 20 minutes & it did make my skin soft. No issues with the smell, in fact, it had a nice fruity scent.

On the whole, pretty impressed with some of these & I’d like to explore more of what the Korean beauty industry has to offer. Especially with these masks as they can be super relaxing after a tiring day. If you’d like to find out more about Skin18, check them out on here



One comment

  1. Husna Favaz says:

    I love Korean products too! The snake venom mask sounds so intriguing😊


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